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I am an artist.
A mad, passionate, obsessed, can-hardly think-about-anything-else artist.

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As a kid I loved drawing and painting.  I became the young woman who drew penciled portraits of the people she met during her travels.  Kids would gather 'round,  as I was drawing, and they would wildly shout as they recognized a neighbor or a friend.  Over the years, my journals filled with pen, ink, and colored pencil meanderings as I was influenced by different cultures of the world. 

I also became adept with creating mystical mandalas, part of my lifelong study of celestial influences.  A mandala allows the intangible to become visible, in form.  It is likely, and has been since I was 16, that when we meet and converse I will ask "When's your birthday?"   Just so you know.

People tell me I have a good eye, especially for color. My inner sensibilities love to spill into everything I do:  freelance floral design and house staging—creating beautiful environments for celebrations and everyday living—along with feng shui, gardening, and--my bread and butter for decades--massage therapy, allow me to “bring beauty, order, and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.” 

In late 2017, for the first time since college, painting returned to me.  Such a revelation! I fell in LOVE with fluid acrylic paints! Feeling like a mad scientist, mixing my paints, I discovered that this was healing medicine for me.  I like to think that the serenity and beauty I experience when I paint come across to the viewer. Painting is a way to splash my world with color, light, and intention! 


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